Citrix XenApp 65 and 16bit applications

Problem description:
Without changes on Citrix or application today an error was given when starting a 16bit Software on TS2003 with Citrix Receiver 3.4

„NTVDM encountered a hard error.“

Many discussions on the web are talking about Problems with 16bit apps and the Version of wow32.dll – as nothing has changed over night on the Server Settings this could not be the Problem.

Then I found the last post at

The day before I switched the print Server Connection to a new Server, but as the Printers were connected successfully I would never thought about this setting up the problem.

But I gave it a try, changed the Printer Server for Connection to the Prior one and it immediately worked again to start the 16bit application with Citrix.
It seems as the 2008R2 printer driver has no more compatibility for 16bit applications as the older driver for 32bit Systems (2003) had.

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