Saitek X52pro Interface for FS9 Installation (on Win7, 64bit)

It’s not always easy, when installing software which is not up to date. So I had to do several tries, to get this up and running, but it has been worth every minute…

First of all install the saitek drivers (from website for win7 64bit, not the winXP-drivers from the cd) and check the software-entrys from windows, if the „Saitek DirectOutput Vxxx“ has been installed too. If not, go to the „C:WindowsTempSaitekSaitek_X52Pro_Flight_Controller_SD6_64_Drivers0000013“-folder and run the DirectOutput.msi.

After this check the following directories:

1) C:Program Files (x86)SaitekDirectOutput
If there is no file called DirectOutputX86.dll in the folder, copy the DirectOutput.dll and rename it, so that both filenames exists.

2) C:Program FilesSaitekDirectOutput
Do the same as with the files on (1)

3) Goto the SDK/Examples-Folder (in directory 2) and test the connection of DirectOutput with the both tools.

Here is a screenshot with the files in both directories:

When this is working you can proceed with the installation of the „X52 Pro Interface for FS9“

For this you should visit the blog and download“ version 1.0 and version 1.3 (you need both!).
* The blackswift-blog is no longer available online, so I provided the files on skydrive:!2998&authkey=!AKJnCdnf-YS_rlc

When the download is finished first install Version 1.0 to your FS9-folder. Then copy the „X52 Pro Interface for FS9.exe“ from version 1.3-zip to the „\FS9X52 Pro Interface for FS9“-folder and replace the original file.

That’s it – start the exe and you should get direct output is running – start flightsim and fsconnect should be activated also and on this point, the MFD is already working.

Thanks for this great tool!!

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    1. The X52pro Interface should be 32bit Software an so also working on 64bit systems as described.
      On 32bit systems you can jump over the step with the two program-files folders as only one exists.

  1. Dear Blackswift, I have been using for yeras X52pro interfase with FS9 without any problems with XP 32 bit however, I have a new computer with Windows 7 64 bit and I have followed the instructions above, I have tested the connection with DirectOutput and it works fine however, when starting the Interface it does not give any errors, but I do not see the Interface window splash screen with the connect and it is not running (I cannot see the process in task manager). Please, can you help or have any idea what might be happening, many thanks.

  2. I know it’s very old post but meybae you can help me, I’m trying to work with the FS9 interface and:
    – Saitek’s test file is working (from SDK).
    – The Blackswift Interfaceis always crashing
    Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
    Application Name: X52 Pro Interface for FS9.exe
    Application Version:
    Application Timestamp: 468f5070
    Fault Module Name: StackHash_6fec

    I have installed VB6.0, I tried compatibility modes – nothing.

    1. Hi Robert, old post, but still important for FS9 – hopefully also working on Windows 10…
      Just noticed that I have a different version active (after flightsim re-installation) but also working.
      Please try the X52-exe from this Link again:
      This is version (is this the default installer-version?) – working for me perfectly.

      Compatibility mode should not be necessary.
      Is it already crashing when starting without flightsim in „waiting for fsconnect“ position? then it seems to be an directoutput-problem… directories should be like the screenshot to work but it’s always a little bit try and error with the „good old things“.

      1. Thank You, I’ll try at home later, for now i should maybe ask you if you using SD6 drivers or newer? I’m asking because I made mashup with SD6 (6.2.24) drivers and new SST software (, it’s working with X52

        1. Just took a look at my config – also had a mashup with SD6 ( driver version but software – I wouldn’t try to change it as long it is working and Win10 lets me keep this configuration.

      2. By the way, it was crashing on drivers/directOutput newer than SD6, with open FS9 and without it.
        I have one more question, where to find a list of command to use with LED? I have seen Autopilot, gear, flaps. I can quessing randomly but maybe is any doc with the list.

        1. docs are included in the „reference manual.pdf“ which is in the FS9/“X52 Pro Interface for FS9″ folder.
          examples and possibilities of [LEDs] section are described as commentary in the „X52 Pro Interface for FS9.ini“.
          The only options are:
          gear?, Autopilot?, flaps?, Landinglights?

          for backup reason I put my LED-config section below:
          ; LEDs
          ; —-
          ; Color of the different LEDs on the controler. For each LED, the value
          ; defines the color:
          ; 0=Off, 1=On/Green, 2=On/Red, 3=On/Amber, Autopilot?ColorYes:ColorNo
          ;Fire indicates „SAFE“ when Gear is locked (3 greens)
          ;FireA+B indicates AP when activated
          ;FireD indicates Flaps Full|Set|Zero
          ;FireE and Clutch (I) indicates when AP is activated
          ;POV 2 indicates gear operations

      3. Thank you so much, My LED config is a bit different (incl. now Landing Lights – By the way in my ref. manual is nothing about the Ladinglights)


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